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 Importance of Anchoring and Double Anchor

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PostSubject: Importance of Anchoring and Double Anchor   Sun May 25, 2008 3:19 am

Rules of Double Anchor

When you rush, notice who is around you. Spread out, but you will notice the anchor behind you and the group of people who you are rushing with.

Spread yourselves out and look at all their names. If you are near the end of that group and you think they all may die, find a corner or edge (the sweet spots where you cannot be killed, but can still kill nme) and you stop for a short time and call your group back and then hold position and then when they are back, you continue the rush. In essence that is double anchoring.

The Importance of Anchoring

Until now flagging always seemed very chaotic to me. It was hard for me to know when I should rush, when I should stay back and when I should call.

Either I wasn't rushing hard enough, or I was only rushing and hardly calling for others. Or... I wasn't calling at the right time. I didn't know when to call since I mostly would just die afterwards. What's the point in calling when you know you're rushing and going to die the next second? It does nothing but creates confusion amoung your team. Don't call unless you are one of the 3 anchors: NME Anchor, Front Anchor OR Double Anchor.

It gets fairly complicated if people don't anchor. People don't know who to attach to... and some of their concentration gets wasted on "what should I do now?" instead of concentrating on dodging/aiming/rushing. The effectivity of your team gets reduced to a minimum if nobody takes these anchors or anchors poorly.

Understand the need for anchoring --> Practice it and become good at it --> Do it for the sake of your team --> Your attack & defence becomes highly effective and organized.

Anchoring is the key to flagging!

...It took me awhile until I finally understood the meaning of this. Everyone thinks: "Oh no I suck at anchoring... let someone else do it." ...and they never learn it nor do they really understand the need for anchoring.

Front Anchor and Nme Anchor are fairly easy to grasp. I would like to talk about Double Anchoring since this is the hardest to understand and the importance doesn't seem so obvious. Many people in EG don't know what double anchoring means. Most of the vets double anchor automatically but they never teach about it since it's obvious to them. Double Anchoring has to be taught because of its importance in flagging. -Tarzoon

What is Double Anchoring?

* Double anchoring means, you rush as hard as you can (at nme or on defence) and you get up to a point where you make ground.... then you stop and secure the postion and stay in a "Sweet Spot" (usually a corner or a hidden place, an area where you can stay alive) so you can call others and not loose ground.
* Everyone should do this concept of double anchoring and it's abit hard to grasp in the beginning.
* As you rush up, you note who you are rushing with. If they are a bit ahead and they die or it's obvious they are going to die out, you quickly pause, find a safe spot and call. Stay in this position until your team pushes forward and resume rushing.
* This way we keep the rush going... we push very hard and we dont lose position.
* Only one person at a time should double anchor the others rush. But if nobody takes this important position of doubleanchoring then we loose position. If you see that nobody is doubleanchoring, then tell the others to learn it and do it, teach them.
* If you all are rushing the first people should rush hard until you get to the last ones that are behind...... it's their job to anchor not yours! If you are ahead of others when rushing, don't even think of anchoring. It's one of the last persons responsibilty to double anchor.
* Most of you guys call useless macs. Which means, you macro at the wrong times. And you dont macro when it needs to be done. So let me be clear about macroing.... Do not use your macro unless you are doubleanchoring or calling for another person who is doubleanchoring! Why tell others to attach when u just die? You want to be the second or third man in the rush and call.. not the first.
* Double anchoring is simple when used correctly. You rush.... you try to look who you are rushing with.... You notice that there are rushers infront of you that are about to die. As you rush up you watch the bomb lines and where the nme shoots and find a secure position. If you see a place where the nme cant shoot (or where it's fairly safe)... that is the double anchor positoin. Get there and call.
* The NME Anchor should always be behind the double anchor. He should also notice when people are double anchoring! NME Anchor has to watch this and not call others back to him! You should call for the double anchor, since he is further forward.
* When you see your double anchor die...... you become double anchor! How do you decide who should take it? First come, first serve. ie. Take initiative guys.
* When u lose the spot, you usually have to back up to the next sweet spot.
*Double anchoring takes place in Home as well as NME.

That's about all there is to know about double anchor. If you aren't double anchoring, then start doing it now. Do it in our games, in our practices and in our squadmatches. Become good at it and encourage others to do it.

double anchor does not justify a bombline. When you are rushing nme, you look who is with you. lets say three people are with you. If you are behind, you watch them... when they die, you stay safe in the sweet spots just for a second so they can reattach. So many of you just rush and die. I still want you to take out nme, but i want you to watch whats going on.

Now, 3 guys around me have died. You move to that sweet spot, called the double anchor position. It may be in a corner, it may not. Its just a spot where most people DONT fire. A safe spot. You stop only for a second and wait for those people who were rushing with you, attach and being again. Then you keep rushing.

If you are rushing and the nme starts rushing you and all your friends die, that is when you get to the corner or the edge... or where ever, and just wait till your friends get back.

Here is example:

3 people rush up with you.... you are nme attackers.
(man 1 2 3 and you)
everyone rushes and dies, you look back where nme anchor is. If you have made tons of ground.... WHY RUSH? Just wait 1 second and call. Head to the sweet spot and call. When they attach your ready to go again.

example 2

everyone rushing up at nme again.... man 1 2 and 3. They die. The nme has 4 people coming at you. If you die, you lose position. 4 on 1 ... its hard to stop them. Get to your sweet spot and be ever so patient. Call and wait and as they try to rush you stupidly, spatter your machine guns as soon as they come in range. Wait for them to fire and for them to make the move. All you do is try to keep the position. Most poeple will just rush you and die. That 4 on 1, quickly turns as you kill 2.... and now its 2 on 1, but by that time your friends are coming in.....

now its time to kill
make your move when the odds are greater and take it to them.

this game is a matter of position and odds + skill.

1 skilled player can defeat odds, 1 well-positioned player can defeat skill, and if you rush when you have the odds with you, you can defeat skill and position at the same time.
play smart
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Importance of Anchoring and Double Anchor
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