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 Tips for Front Anchor

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PostSubject: Tips for Front Anchor   Sun May 25, 2008 3:35 am

[b]Front Anchoring[/b]
Usefull macro tip.
To save or load macro settings type:
?savemacro *enter macro name*
?loadmacro *enter macro name*

Macros is one of the primary functions that has to work when your front anchoring.
Using easy and direct macros is the key for your team to understand what you mean.

Creating a macro is simple and it doesn't take much time either.
After creating one, dont forget to save it.
My front anchoring macro is named front. Easy to remember, easy to write.

(Shift+F1: This one is the easiest to reach if you use the primary -button- settings.
Use this one to privatemess your teammates if you need help. Tick someone, like
you would do if you would privatemess someone, then press shift+F1)

Shift+F1: /%tickname I NEED YOU HOME NOW!!

(Shift+F2: I use this one to tell everyone that I am front anchoring. Put in %coord
and %area just to notify where the base is located. Tell them your anchoring in
Home base so they dont think your NME anchor.)

Shift+F2: //Front Anchoring at Home. Base currently Located **%coord** **%area**

(Shift+F3: This one Im telling everyone that base is green, I use %coord and %area
here to.)

Shift+F3: //Home is fine!! **%area** **%coord**, Concentrate on Nme!!!

(Shift+F4: I use this one for calling the whole team back to base. Use this one when
you really need the whole team to push out the nme. You should start calling this one
when nme is in 1/2 of base, or more. Depending how good your team is and the
attacking team. This one need to stand out alittle for your team to notice it.
Im using the " instead of //, then you get it in green. People use to listen on that.
Dont forget to tick your team, or else your calling it to Nme freq.)


(Shift+F5: This one I use to inform the team wich player they should help. Say your
dead and see Mr.X is still alive, tick his name quick and use this macro. People
should see this macro so make it stick out alittle. )

Shift+F5: ---------> %tickname Needs Help! <---------

(Shift+F6:In some cases fr anchor gets thored. Usally front anchor is farthest back
and its good to call out that you are safe and closest to fr. Since you usally anchor
with a Lancester you need anti home. )

Shift+F6: //Safe, close to Fr attach with Flags/Anti. **%coord** **%area**.

Tactics - Front Anchoring
The first thing you need to learn is to stay safe from bounce bombs, gunshots,
laggattachments, friendlyfire, friendly mines that repped into walls.

Front anchoring is a important assignment, you need to stay active all the time
and watch for thors etc.
If the front anchor should die when noone are at front you will lose half base.
To win a game you need good defence. When your front anchoring see yourself as
a chief of defence. Coordinate the defence. Tell them to rush, tellm them not to
stay behind you etc.
If a team with 6 players are attacking, dont yell out that you need everyone home.
Think of that your team is attacking nme base and if calling everyone home they
have to start over at nme. Your assignment is to stall the nme as much as you can.
Instead use the macro and call one or two persons home.

--------------|-----------          -----------------------------------
|  /  \      |    /4.\  |          |1. Mine, fall back to 2.        |
|  /--| \  \  |  / |  \ |          |2. Shot,go towards 5.            |
| /  |  \  \ |  /  |  5.|          |3. Lay one mine                  |
| 1.--|  2.  \3./  |  / |          |4. Lay one mine                  |
|    |-------------- /  |          |5. Bounce and shot,aim at 3.    |
|  --| 7.        6.    |          |6. Lay mine, shot, aim at 4.    |
|    !|!                |          |7. Call one or two teammates    |           
|  --|  ---------------|          |!. WATCH OUT FOR HOLE IN THE WALL|       
                                    |/\. Bounce shots                |

This is a simple drawing over the L4 base.
This is how I use to do when Im front anchoring.
This is valid if the nme are many and rushing me back or else I just go between 1. and 2.

Always Stay behind walls so nme cant reach you with shots. If the nme has terriers
be extra carefull. They bounce 3 times and can kill you pretty easily. Dont think
your safe just because you have a rep, repping a terrier bomb will
bounce them into a wall and go back at you.  So stay safe.

Some news about lancs ( lancesters ), their bombs bounce 2 times, they have 3 mines,
always starts with x-radar, when you shot bombs your ship will move backwards.
Use this to your advantage, if you see you will die change direction fast by shoting
bombs. This is also usefull if your hunted, and need to get around corners fast.
Dont let Nme get to close and dont stay back to much. Your teammates need a short
distance to the battle.

The Front anchor should be farthest back in the defence.
The Front anchor should bounce on walls, it gives extra speed to your teammates when
they attach and your bombs go faster.

If your teammates misses a cloaker fall back!
Kill him with mines or bombs WHEN YOUR SAFE BEHIND A WALL.
Always think that nme might laggattach.
Laggattachments are made AFTER someone dies, so if the cloaker dies, nme might port on
his "invisible corps".


Made by QuiZ 2002

Your the Boss
Your main duty is to delay the NME. See your job not as keeping NME out of home, but to maximize the amount of time before you call Critical and you have to stop everyone from attacking.

You should be constantly calculating how many you need at home, of course this can be tricky with so many variables. Home is more important, but you have to tread a careful line, keeping a strong attack going while keeping Home safe.

If 3 NME's attack, call one person and gradualy fall back. It doesn't really matter if they get 50% in your base, as they are down 3 defenders but you are down only one attacker, so you come out with a better deal. If things get tense, call a few more home and start pushing out again.

Unless home is going badly, try and keep the number of defenders under the number of attackers. Though you may find that when you PM someone to come home, others, thinking that person is still at NME will attach and see that home is being attacked and start to help. This throws off your calculations for Attackers Vs Defenders. PM the offender and tell them to get lost.

It costs a lot to be a Front anchor. Always buy full energy, recharge and bounce. Rotation speed is good to. Think of this as an incentive not to get killed, you will be spending up to 200K everytime you die. So stay alive

When to call
Organise before an attack who you will call home. Make your first call someone you know will listen and attach quickly. PM him and tell him he is your first call so he will be prepared to be called back often.

Dealing with small attacks
Small attacks are usually harder to deal with than big attacks. It's tempting to be cocky and try to take the 2 enemy terriers out yourself, especially if they're pub newbs. Don't. You will stand a higher risk of losing front. Delay them as long as possible then call someone home.

Losing the Front
There are several situations where you will lose front. A thor, a large attack or a small attack. How many you call back depends on how deep the NME is and how many attackers there are. I leave it to your judgement to decide how many to call home.

First don't panic, just get back as quickly as possible. Buy recharge while in centre safe (but not energy, do that when your back). Of course you do know who the FR anchor is don't you? You did PM him before to ask didn't you?

Watch out for Reps
When going round U turns in bases (like the front part of L4) your NME will be effectively 'behind' you. If they Rep you will be pushed forwards into the attackers. It's an evil tactic that I love pulling on inexperienced Fronts. Just give yourself an extra bit of space, and if you do get repped use your bomb thrust to push yourself back into position.

That damn hole at the front of L4
It's a bitch. Strangely the main problems come from pubbers here. A priv will tend to just rush leaving you to just see if any break through your mines. But pubbers will sit behind it with Terriers, and basically no where is safe in the two corridors above and below the hole. The only real tactic is to tell you defenders to take out the guy at the hole. Meanwhile play it safe and sit back. Take the time and go into a private arena with a Terrier and fire through it fr
om all possible angles, see if you can find a spot where its least likely to hit an anchor (You).

Using your bombs
Its temping when in a full Lanc to spray out 4-5 L3's at approaching attackers. Bad move. If you can hit them then they can hit you, especially Terriers. At first you should just sit back and not fire until you can accurately predict opportunities.

If you see a load of your defenders rush and die without taking many NME's out, then the NME will have more active attackers pushing forward. This is what you are looking for. You will have a second or two to bounce your bombs around the corner while the NME is still back at the frontline, and due to your slow moving cluster of bombs they will have to rush through them to take advantage of your lack of support. Bomb thrust will also help your retreat.

Things you can do to help your Front anchor
There are several things that annoy me when I'm fronting. So listen up and help make the job easier.

Only defend when asked to. If you attach to someone and find they are defending DONT HELP. Get killed or warp back out and get your arse back to NME. If you are needed you will be PM'ed.

Rush, always rush unless you happen to be the ONE person on a bombline. I'm the anchor thank you, no need for you hang back. You afraid of dieing or something?

Don't call for your Front. Front is in charge of assessing how bad the situation is. I rarely call at all, I just PM unless I call Critical. If you see anyone apart from your front calling, especially a newbie, ignore it unless its Critical.

Leave the greens for the Front. Its useless for you to get them, a complete waste. You are most likely under 10 bty, so if Front gets it you will recieve a team green anyway. But if you get it the Front will be over 10 bty so wont get anything. And it could be a rep or brick which you denied your front.

Listen to me if I PM you. I dont care what your doing, I don't care if you have a thor and I don't care if your just about to break the NME, whatever, I don't care. If I PM you, you come home. Got that?

If you take over FR duty PM the Front. Nothing is worse than dieing and not knowing whos in FR.

Watch out for your Front dieing. If you can, back off and let him attach safely, you wont lose half the base and he will thank you for saving his butt.

More Tips

If you're fronting.. you should be alert at all times, this position requires the most concentration and you are the most important man on your team...

As a front anchor you must do 3 main things:

1. stay alive
2. slow the nme down
3. pm your teammates OR call everybody home

Staying alive is the most important! it is critical that the front anchor stays alive at all times. think of it as reccing... or that your whole team is relying on you.

Mine up at every choke point you fly by to slow the nme down. tell your teammates to mine up if they aren't mining enough.

Stay concentrated as you sit at front alone... and be prepared for the worst... dont chat with anybody.. even if it doesn't look like anybody is attacking... watch out for enemies at all times... you should have your left hand on your pm macro:

/-- %tickname -- Attach! Need your help now!

If you see an enemy entering your base.. call 1 person.. dont fight him alone and back up. If more come, then pm 2 or 3 people. Your goal is to slow them down, but don't call everybody home until they get deep (around 50-70%).

As a front anchor it's very tempting to use your bombs and spray at the nme. This should only be done if you have had enough experience, because it's easy to die if you shoot at them... Remember you have to stay alive...

Also some bases are much easier to front in than others. Usually the tighter the base, the easier to front in. This is because the lanes are smaller, and the harder it is to dodge your mines/bombs. In #egsc3 the base number 10 is very easy to front in, because its a very tight base. If you're planning on fronting, choose a base that you like and can front in good.

Here are some other macros that I use as a front anchor:

'Base is YELLOW

^^ This is great for telling your teammates how home is. It doesnt call everybody home but still gets enough to clear the base. Use this when people dont respond to your pm's.

'Base is RED *All Home Now!!*

^^ Use this when nme is about to take over your base.

'%tickname is FRONT ANCHOR!

^^ Tells who is front anchor. Make it clear that you are the front anchor so that the rest of the team knows they can attack the nme.

If you follow these guidelines you should become a succesfull front anchor. $$

----- last tip (so EZ to prac on your own...) ----------------------------------

First thing u should do is KNOW UR BASE : learn every partt of it the holes and the tight spots and holds... like bot mid left (in the last map, not that old latest active one )...near the bot where u past that TIGHT SPOT and then u go down make a left and go up left and theres a tight spot....THERES A BIG ENOUGH HOLE where people can fly by under that hold spot....watch that alot of people r tending to use that like apple does...very ez to incounter just shoot SLOW BOMBS so when they come to hit ur mines there lag attachers and followers DIE and incase another lag attacher gets buy U GOT BULLETS! ez....

MAKE SURE U CAN RUN THRU IT WITH OUT STOPING, SO in case u need to run like hell and call...it does wonders and
DO NOT GET TO CLOSE TO NME JUST enough to bomb and kill lag attachers if they get close enough and
make sure u bounce off wallz at HOLDING POINTS so ur defenders can pop up with a BOOST
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Front Anchor   Mon May 26, 2008 12:48 pm

Also, remember to mine smart. Use 2 mines ONLY.
Save the last mine for a cloaker or JIC the nme gets past your other mines safely.
Mine the choke points (narrow points in the base).
Pay attention to the kill messages. If you see that you killed somebody without you shooting, you should be able to tell that they hit a mine. This means you can safely lay 2 mines at the next/closest choke point.

Also conserve your nrg. You don't want to shoot too many bombs if there is a possible thor or if nme is close. Only shoot 2 or 3 bombs (with good momentum) at a time.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Front Anchor   Thu May 29, 2008 1:54 pm

a lot of your anchoring advice is off a full attack. It is completely different when there are 1-5 attackers. If you want advice Practice on public freqs, or ask someone skilled in the area and use them as your s1.

Also front anchoring in a pickup/egdl/egfl when you have a mobile fr is much more aggressive . Assume more of a super passive s1 position.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Front Anchor   Thu May 29, 2008 2:27 pm

For ANCHORS visit ?go egstore get urself something nice. ^^
Greenme, prox etc
Keep a couple of items in you arsenal.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Front Anchor   Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:42 am

Better macroset for games:
shift ` = "help %tickname
shift f1 = '%tickname deepest
shift f2 = 'Defend %area %coords
shift f3 = 'Attack %are %coords %red
shift f4 = 'X AT HOME
shift f5 = "%tickname at front
shift f6 = "%tickname in fr
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for Front Anchor   

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Tips for Front Anchor
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